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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hanging Hearts

I was bored and decided I wanted to do something crafty-ish..
SO, I decided to make these hearts and hang them as some type of Valentine's decoration. First, I found some heart "stencils" online and printed them. I was going to do some tracing and cutting to get them on the paper bag that I wanted to use, but figured it would be a lot easier to just print the hearts right on to the paper bag itself. I cut the bag like a paper and hit print. 1
Next, I got out the paints. Red and white so I could do many different shades of red and pink. Also, my crappy brushes (I never said I was a painter) haha

I like the texture of crinkled paper
Then I started painting, I started out simple with plain red. 

Here are the rest, I used all sorts of shades and even mixed up the different shades into a single heart. I also did the same on the back. 

Then I painted the bottom connecting hearts, but only the front.  
Time to cut!

For the connecting hearts I wanted to paint "love" on it
Since the connected hearts were a bit different than the others, I wanted to put it in cardstock and have it be the "center piece" of the decoration. SO I picked a shade out of my collection that matched well and glued the hearts on and cut it out
To get them to hang you could do anything..I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted them so I just used a needle to poke the hole and thread to hang them with.
Then I started lining them up on the floor to get an idea of how I wanted them to look....
Of course the end result is always different than what I have in mind..I almost always prefer the end result better. 24
So that's that..I just hung them from a ledge..when the air is blowing some of them twirl..I think it's fun =>