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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Color Me Rad 5k

Saturday the 10th of November was the Color Me Rad 5k in Saint George, Utah and I had a blast doing it with a good family-friend Kristine
We came up with the team name: Tickle Me Pink. Inspired by crayola color names =>
This lovely team name was on the shirts we made...check it out, it's easy!

First off we had to go pickup our race packets and buy cool stuff!! 

This process obviously requires jumping....for joy

Then race day was the next morning! It was so cold! We were just sitting in the car singing to the radio until we felt we really should line up with everyone else! hahaha

The first color bomb was blue...not my favorite color and I think it knows that....

I saw the lady grab a handful so I turned my head away, as I did that she tossed it right UP my nose!!! For real, no joke. I couldn't see or breathe for about a minute and for the rest of the race (and day) I had blue gross. hahaha 

As we continued on we eventually came to my favorite: PINK!!!

The finish wasn't far from there, then we joined up with the group where I was stuffing my face as the kiddos were attacking everyone with their color bombs!! Here's a few of us:

The two of us ran and got our photo taken by the pros and then took our own before heading to the car:

It was a good thing that I loved pink SO much, too....

After the excitement, I went home and showered!! hahaha 
Here's the shirt they gave us in the race packet:

It was so much fun!! We learned from experience and next time we will be rockin' even harder =D

Until next time!