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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Color Me Rad T-Shirts

We made awesome shirts for the Color Me Rad 5k and I thought I'd share them with you!!
First, of course you need your shirt! I love the poly/cotton workout shirts from Target, but whatever floats your boat.
Then you need supplies:
fabric paint, scissors, tape, foam/sponges, and of course your shirt!

Then you need to cut the tape into letters or designs, now this effect could also be achieved using a stencil or cutting paper. I just love the cleaner effect the tape has...though I had to cheat on my e's and use punch outs from my scrapbook collection. 
Next you want to squeeze some paint into a paper plate or something and begin dabbing your sponge-thing in it and blotting over top your taped letters! OH AND DON'T FORGET THE CARDBOARD!! I forgot to add in the supplies a cardboard of some type, you need this to sit inside your shirt so your paint doesn't bleed through the back of it!!!
Sorry I don't have any detailed pictures, I decided to share this AFTER I made the shirt =P
Anyway, after you've covered around all the letters making sure to get every edge for greater definition, then you let it dry. It honestly doesn't take very long, maybe an hourish..
You then will remove the tape and ta~da you're done!!
Notice how the punched out e's don't look nearly as awesome as the taped letters do. 
Then add your favorite pair of knee high socks and your "RAD" tattoo and you're ready to rock!!

Until Next Time!!