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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NEW !!

Well it is Wednesday night rolling into Thursday. Spring semester started on Monday and I need to say, this is going to be a crazy ride. I don't know what I was thinking when I signed up for going to class five days a week after taking 65 credits of almost all online courses.....Oh well, here we go!!
First, let me tell what I'm in.
MWF I go to Child/Family Mental Health for 50min with a teacher that talks crazy fast!! I record her on my smart pen only to slow the tempo down later and hear her talking normal. =>
MW I have Basic Food Prep with a very laid back teacher, not very hands on so far. So far, pretty damn awesome though, we made pizza and a marshmallow gooey dessert today. Yumms....well that dessert was a sugar attack, we couldn't eat much of it.
TR I have Intro to Weather with a so-far pretty awesome teacher. I'm actually pretty excited for this one.
TR I also have Abnormal Psychology. Another awesome teacher and AWESOME subject, so really happy about this one as well.
Then there's the fitness class. I put in my first hour today on the treadmill and the stationary bike where I read 6 pages of my textbook(and highlighted)
SO seems I will LOVE my Tuesday and Thursdays.
I am not quite sure how or when I'm going to develop a nice routine for my fitness class, but I decided I'll just start going at all different times until I find what seems to be the most comfortable for me.
I am SO thrilled that I am up and "running" again....literally. This Bay to Breakers thing is coming up faster than I realize and I am no where near the level I need to be.....I also doubt my mom is either. I am going to start kicking ass and yacking at my mom to get us going!!
Have a fun one!!
I've sneezed like 400X since 9pm
finished my yoga for the day a few minutes ago and it laughed at my gym visit....just sayin'