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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sand Hollow Little Adventures

I have been anxious to do something fun that was out of our "norm"....I gave Daniel a lot of ideas and a few days to think about it. Then come Sunday (July 3rd) he decided we'd go swimming at Sand Hollow. 
I got everything ready pretty quick and we were off!
Now, I should mention that Daniel was a bit hesitant to go anywhere because he really enjoys his time home since we don't get too much of it that we can spend together. 
Anyway, we went and he wasn't all that excited until we were on the freeway almost there....then it hit me.
He's never been to Sand Hollow!! haha =>
I've been several times and never really thought about it, but Daniel has never been. I seem to walk him into a lot of firsts in his life..I'm just awesome like that, but it goes both ways =>
We had flippers, goggles, toys and an umbrella....we were set for awesome!
I didn't take a whole lot of photos because I was in the water most of the time, duh.
While Daniel was almost right near the buoy he told me he found a toilet. 
Yes, a toilet. 
I thought he was full of shit. I didn't see it the first time, so I started to think he was seeing things...haha
Later on when the sun hid behind the clouds a bit, it was easier to spot what was under the water. Daniel found his toilet again and got me out there to have a look for myself.
There seriously was a porcelain throne sitting at the bottom of the water. 
HAHA!! It was even upright!
After I got several good looks in, I started to wonder who the hell would drop a toilet down in the water at Sand Hollow!!? Regardless, it sure was funny.
Aside from all that, Daniel was glad we came. It actually turned out perfect because the time frame we were there wasn't all that hot and we had a decent amount of clouds to help us out. Once we got home it got super windy! We just have the best timing ever, I think..haha
Anyway, here are some photos.....OH and for those who hear so much about this Daniel boyfriend of mine, but have never seen him as if he's some sort of figment of my imagination I will assure you, He Does Exist!!
He's just not fond of photos.....but, I have captured him!! It's fun, like Pokemon or something. 

Making faces
Glady & Daniel

Sand Hollow