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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I just updated my photo blog on some favs from my San Francisco trip. Here's the Flickr set =>

Mom & I finished 2:12 which is awesome for us walking it(mostly)...GO MOM!! Next year I'm going for time rather than experience.

It was definitely an amazing experience. SO many people!! My favorite other than the scenery would have to be the neighborhoods we went through. Every couple houses had a party going on with loud music for us all to hear. We had every genre you could think of!! The people were all so fun and full of energy. The costumes were all entertaining, I saw umpa-lumpas equipped with theme music, a giant birthday candle and a firefighter(a real one!). Check the Zazzle Bay to Breakers 2011 group on flickr to see everyone's photos of the event!
Here's a few shots:
Flying Tortillas!!
Bay to Breakers 2011
Bay to Breakers 2011
Bay to Breakers 2011Bay to Breakers 2011Bay to Breakers 2011Bay to Breakers 2011
I couldn't imagine running in a suit like that would be very easy..

SO excited for Bay-Breakers 2012!! 
See you there =>