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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Fourth Adventures!

During the day, I took the time to get some things accomplished, like stats homework, organizing photos, editing photos, going to the gym, and just plain catching up! 
Aside from all the busy-work, Daniel and I went down to Mesquite in the evening to have some fun with friends & family. 
Dad made some delicious and giant pork ribs to eat before we headed out to see Mesquite's fireworks display. I have not been very impressed the last couple years with their display, but they surprised me this year with some pretty badass fireworks for such a small town. 
A couple examples:
Firework Collage
Firework Collage

Something I like to do every year is to have people "write messages" with sparklers!! Everyone enjoys it, even the kids!

Now, how about some people?? 
Okay, a few explanations: Kyle is folding his arms because he was mad about some brotherly quarrel that involved that giant K'Nex cube that Adam is holding above his head....umm Ian is shooting the camera with a K'Nex gun he made aaand it looks like I'm attacking Daniel because I was so I could get a photo! haha
I would explain what my brothers are doing, but I just can't....hehe
Lydia was just being an absolute doll for me here while I was getting photos.....lots of thanks to Michelle!!
OH! and doesn't that head piece just look sooo cute!?? That would be the amazing work of J&M's Eye Candy!!
Go check out their shoppe!!

Here's the set on flickr for my Fun Fourth Adventures!
Hope all of you had some Fun, Fantastic, Fourth Adventures!!