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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pole Position Raceway - Las Vegas, NV

On August 2nd 2010 Dave-O, Jayk, Daniel and I went down to Vegas to race go karts at Pole Position, which is indoor karting. We had coupons for a free race. These karts go faster than any others I've been in. They are capable of 45mph, when you're close to the ground it seems pretty fast. It is super easy to spin out, lose control and even go through the barriers.
We did our free race and the three boys had so much fun they went and bought an all day pass!! Which was about $125 per person. I was the holder of things, photo and video person. I will tell you that next time I'm definitely taking the D60!!
These boys did about 15 races through the night and they all have bruises to show it!! The seat belt, steering column and the seat itself gave them all bruises. They had fun, so they didn't care much. =>
The event was pretty awesome except for one thing....Daniel's wallet disappeared late in the game. Everyone looked everywhere for it. The good news is we have it now, it was complicated and took a day or two, but it's over =>
Thanks to Dave-O, we had a fast retrieval of the wallet. During that retrieval, he may have raced once or twice....hehe =>
Well, here's some video.....and there's a few photos on flickr....

Daniel, Jayk and Dave-O