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Thursday, July 1, 2010


SO, I haven't updated in a long time. Things got busy real fast. 
I have been focusing on photography a great deal, then Lia Sophia came into the picture and now that takes up whatever time I care to give it (lots).
Lia Sophia is turning out to be fun. I enjoy preparing and doing the shows. The part that is not fun is the very HOT travel to Mesquite for the parties. I don't know anyone where I live, so until I get myself out there I will be traveling to Mesquite without a/c in my car. =<
If you have any questions about Lia Sophia or would like a great deal, email me at
Or you can drop by my Lia Sophia site

On the 26th of June Daniel and I went up to Provo, UT for a wedding-related event in his family. We were offered to hitch a ride with someone who has a/c.....we accepted that without thinking. It was a quick and simple trip. We stayed the night with someone who knew how to cook and that made for a happy tummy. All three of us were so tired, we couldn't really have much fun. We slept then headed home as soon as we awoke.

Daniel bought another monitor so we can do eyefinity and another 5870 to either put in one of the computers or for crossfire. That's pretty exciting stuff =>

We are starting to plan for our Tahoe trip, that's exciting....can't wait to get out of this heat!!

The Fourth of July is coming this Sunday and the two of us will be joining my family for the evening. Other than the sticky, hot drive there....everything should be awesome =>

Today Daniel started to work out with someone we know. He kind of pushed himself a little hard and then the heat from the drive home didn't help. Heat exhaustion took over and he felt horrible once he came home. Sadly, I had the pasta dinner all ready for him and he couldn't even think of eating. He asked for some water and a trash can and just took it easy for a few minutes and BAM back to normal. The pasta was delicious. His body feels like it can't do anything and we are waiting to see how much of an ache he'll be in later. Other than that, he's pretty happy he started working out again. => Now, it's my turn....

"If you don't like how things are, change it!  You're not a tree."
  ~Jim Rohn