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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July

It was a good day with family, food, fireworks and some water fun. Daniel and I drove out to Mesquite to meet up with my family. Food was a plenty and tasty, too!! Soon after the boys were in the pool and they were joined by Jayk, Michelle, Nana Shann and myself. We had fun and Adam had a LOT of fun. We got out of the pool to dry off for a drive to see the fireworks that Eureka was setting off in place of the lame city. They lasted quite a while. Quickly, we all took off back home to set off our own. That was a lot of fun and laughter. Adam loved the sparklers and I had fun photographing people writing with the sparklers. Jaymes did his signature (JR, below) and it turned out AWESOME => Michelle wrote her name and it also turned out pretty AWESOME. Have a look and I hope everyone also had a great Fourth. =>

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Adam's Awesome Watermelon!!