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Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Drive

Today was a wonderful and beautiful day....I decided that we shouldn't waste it so I told Daniel I want to go somewhere. He asked me where and, of course I said I don't know. So, we picked up my camera from the house, filled up my tank and he said Veyo or Cedar City?? Then I still didn't care and couldn't choose, so I came to a random decision of Veyo. First, let me tell you I am in LOVE with just driving somewhere, with not much care in how or's my favorite, we do it often. BUT this time was a little different. Let me get a map to show you and I'll briefly explain.

View May 24 2010 in a larger map

Basically, we went out to Veyo. We didn't stop there, we kind of just kept going to see where the road takes us. We went all the way up to Enterprise and took a left. That took us to the Dixie National Forest again. Soon after we passed that forest sign it switched to dirt road. Unsure of how long it would be that way or how rough it would get, we saved my car and finally turned around. We plan to get an Outback soon and we will definitely take that road. While heading back we went down to the Enterprise Reservoir, really pretty and we plan to go camping there one day. Then, we returned to Enterprise again, but instead of back-tracking right we kept going straight and followed the sign to Cedar City. Made it there and found us the freeway, a familiar road. Then exit 6 in St. George, Harmon's for some groceries and home. It totaled 180 miles exactly. It was pretty awesome. I only got out of the car twice. So, majority of the photos are through the car window. First time getting out of the car was for those flower shots at Enterprise Reservoir and the second was for the Coke shots Daniel took.
So you can understand what the hell I'm talking about, here is the Flickr set of the snapshots.