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Monday, June 24, 2013

Fitness Lately


I like to mix things up. I don’t want my body OR mind getting bored. So I’ll try different things, take a new class, change the routine, go harder faster or slower, bring someone along or go with someone...anything to keep it interesting, fun, & effective.
So here’s what I’ve been doing recently:

I keep with the spin class - she’s amazing and it always kicks my ass.
She always talks about her pump class that happens the next morning, a few weeks back she mentioned a 6 week program she was starting in that class. So I thought that was the perfect time to jump in. The idea of that class terrified me, she terrifies me, but I knew it would be just the thing I needed. This class - I thought - is going to be amazing.

It’s a trap. She’s trying to kill you.

Actually, I was quite sore before starting in that first day because I had been doing bodyrock/dailyhiit which has been awesome as well. It always amazes me how such little time could produce such killer results.
Anyway, aside from all of that I am “starting over” with my running. I’ve been stuck for what seems like a long time now and thought of literally starting over from scratch, like a person who hasn’t run before. This works out because I can also bring in other newbies and we can all “start” together. I’m quite excited about this new approach. I’m getting most of my inspiration and information for that from runner’s world book: The complete book of running.

That Pump class I mentioned before has been super killer. We are in week 4 now. Every Friday I’m shaking in my pants about Saturday’s pump class to come. But when I’m shaking at the wheel on the drive home, I’m pretty proud of myself. This class pushes my limits and then some, it’s exactly what I needed.

Well I'm off to take a hike in beautiful Zion National Park!
What has been featured in your fitness lately?



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Until Next Time!