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Monday, April 8, 2013

Mindfulness Monday - April 8th 2013

I've missed several weeks. Sorry about that. Life happens though, right?
I'll have a few blogs detailing some of those events.
Until then, today's Mindfulness Monday is not so much of me and my viewpoints or thoughts, but rather sharing my pinterest board on Psychology & Mindfulness.
Maybe on there you'll find something that interests you.

My most recent pin (at the time of this post) was this TED talk from Matthieu Ricard called The Habit of Happiness. Now I've seen this a long time ago, a couple years ago in fact. If I recall, Reddit sent me to it. Anywho, the other day while researching for my capstone literature review I remembered it and had to search for it; luckily, it did not take me long to find. 
I'll embed that video here, but if you're interested in sayings, comedy, resources, and the like in relation to psychology & mindfulness, check out the pinterest board.