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Monday, July 16, 2012

Run with Me 7/15/12

So didn't sleep at night again. Went out for a drive and took some photos while the sun was rising behind the clouds. Let's just say you're glad there wasn't a video of that. I was joined by a guy in his little pickup truck blaring Eminem, which I'm not a big fan of. It was his old music, like the first stuff he did. It just isn't the music I have in mind while watching the sun rise and having a banana with juice.....anyway, here is a couple photos:

When I got home I had the sporadic idea to go for a run! I haven't ran in a while. Actually, not since my last race. I thought it would be nice to finally get back out there. I started to gather my usual gear and found that my cell phone battery was dead.. darn. Then I thought, well I'll just take the ipod and it will track me with Nike+ that was a bust, too. After I plugged in all my dead devices I was wondering if this meant I shouldn't go out at all. Nah....I went and I couldn't go without bringing something so I grabbed my camera and figured I'd record the adventure. I call it my Naked Run, but didn't title it that on youtube, as I thought people might get the wrong idea.... It wasn't a huge run or anything, just about 4.5miles. Here's the video!