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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Promises

Let's try keeping them =>

First, as some of you know I've started a vlog and I'd like to keep up with it. I think it's fun and I am pretty sure my family is enjoying it. For those who aren't aware, my family doesn't live close anymore so this is a fun way for them to "see" me more often. OH and I made a vlog on this post! It's at the bottom, check it out!!

Second, I'm a runner and I plan on making some nice PR's this year. I'm doing the Bay-to-Breakers again this year and I'm not holding back! I'm excited to see how I can tear up San Francisco! =>
Bay to Breakers 2011

Third, I want to really get into the Wheel of Time series. I will not be finishing this series by any means this year, so that is not a realistic resolution to make....but I want to start reading it and hopefully finish a book or two between semesters =>

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Fourth, I am right in the middle of the Jessica Darling series and I want to finish that in the first quarter of the year. Should be simple enough, it's a super easy read and I'm already tied right in the middle of it!!

Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Fifth, my nails. I've made this one before....and I've succeeded before! Sounds weird right? Well after my "1 year anniversary" of not biting my nails, I began biting them again. Pretty lame. I  vow to make it past the one year anniversary this time!!

Sixth, the organization of my craft closet!! It is a total disaster and I plan to make it a fun & organized crafting corner.
(I skipped this in my video, didn't mean to!)
Source: via Glady on Pinterest

Seventh, a photo project. Some of you may be aware of my project 365 I did in 2010. Some of you may also know that I had a hard time keeping up with the posting of that project haha. WELL I was talking with Daniel and he came up with project 52 (for the weeks in a year). I'm LOVIN' it! I explain it on my photo blog, check it out!!

Eighth, I want to dedicate more time to yoga. I LOVE yoga, we have our ups and downs (HAHA). Sad, thing is, we don't see each other as often as we used to =<
I am going to make a promise to do yoga as often as I can (the goal is once a day) even if it's just a simple pose or meditation. I'm SOO excited, I miss my yoga =>

For those who aren't aware, that^^ is Tara Stiles, she is AMAZING!! =>

There you have it!! Six more promises to keep. It's Pinky-Promise time!!

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