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Friday, March 21, 2014

25 By 25 List Update

Hello Hello!
Check this post to see what the list is all about.
Here's an update:
#1 keep a budget - check! it's not perfect, but I'm working through it and love it. I use YNAB
#4 read 25 books - well... I've read one. Divergent. You going to see the movie!?
#5 try 25 new things - I tried something new: dry brushing. I read about it in Kris Carr's book "Crazy Sexy Diet". I finally tried it before my shower the other day and it was interesting. It was numbing, but not and painful, but not. Gross enough, I could see all the dead skin coming off {yuck}. Which makes me want to do this more often.
#7 try another 3 day detox - Check out my plans here and join me! Starts the 30th.
#10 stop biting my nails - I tried, really. Fail.
#19 get better sleep - the last few days weren't bad. I still woke up in between, but I somehow managed to fall back asleep. Progress.
#21 get indoor plants to detox the air - bought two plants so far! I plan to buy a plant each month. First two are peace lily and philodendron. You can briefly see them in this clip here.
Jayk helping me buy plants
 So far that's my progress! On another note, check out my whole body blog here. My profile on #Giveit100 here and like my whole body facebook page!

Until Next Time!