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Friday, February 14, 2014

Why We Work

We work because... 

 ♥ He eats the stuff I don't like and saves the stuff I do like.

♥ We both love each other's butts
♥ I understand his quirky way of telling me he loves me

♥ We workout together

♥ I make him lunch every night before he goes to work
♥ He eats everything I make {even if it isn't that good}

♥ We play video games together
♥ He cleans the bathroom {he started cooking and doing dishes, too!}
♥ I usually move the seat back after I drive, unless I intentionally want to hear him say, "What is this? A car for ANTS!?!" hahahaha it gets me every time ;)

♥ We help each other with our goals
♥ We like to do everything together, even pay the bills
♥ He understands my gibberish, I've gotten so accustomed to it that I hardly speak clear english and only realize it when others are around...staring at me. 

♥ He takes photos of me knowing that I'm always the one behind the camera

♥ We go on adventures together

♥ We support and love each others families

♥ We work because we know what we need from each other. We work because we made a few things clear from the start and kept working at it. We know what the other needs. 
♥ We work because he's shy and quiet and I'm bold and loud. We work because I'm social and he's well...not. We work because we trust each other. 
♥ We work because he takes care of me and I take care of him.