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Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am a number nerd. I absolutely love stats about anything, I like looking at graphs, charts, averages, whatever. SO about a year ago when I learned about palindrome dates I was thrilled. Now, palindrome dates can be done in a few ways, the way I prefer to recognize is a full 8-digit palindrome date. That being 11-02-2011 can be read the same forward and back. Today is the last 8-digit palindrome date until 2020 (Feb. 2nd). I wanted to do something fun, but Daniel was held at work until noon. Which didn't leave time for an adventure, plus he was pretty exhausted from an unexpected 12 hour shift. To celebrate this palindrome date we went out to Benja's and had ourselves a four-course meal! haha 
So here's the story in photos, we went to the newer location down by the mall:

Here's the awesome flower at our table:

The lemon on our waters haha:

Four-course meal, right? SO here goes: Appetizer potstickers

Egg drop soup-of-the-day:

We split yellow curry #3 w/pork and a Benja's fried rice:

The bowl for the curry was psychedelic:

Then we finished with the best part, mango sticky rice!!

Haha we go on dates on palindrome dates, we're weird. 
I thought since it was Wednesday, though I haven't been keeping up with that AT ALL, I would show you what I wore....or try to because Daniel is good at everything electronic EXCEPT cameras haha =>
Jewelry: Lia Sophia
Sweater: Rue 21
Jeans: super skinny hollister
Boots: Shoe Carnival 

pleated poppy