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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I've seen this on a few blogs now and I had to jump on the bandwagon!! I love to get dressed up, but find the fun far and in-between. SO now I'm going to do my best at digging through my closet for something fun to wear on Wednesdays! My collection of things other than jeans & a T-shirt isn't that big, so I'll do my best on trying to make it different than my "norm" haha but you'll probably end up with the "norm" every now and then....Work with me here!! hehe =>
If you want to join in on the fun, check out What I Wore Wednesday off of The Pleated Poppy site.
It's a link party, so don't just take a picture, blog about it and share!! We all want to see you get dressed up! =>



I'm just Loving this new skirt of mine, it is quite whimsical and really enjoys the idea of showing off my booty, as fantastic as it is, I would prefer it leave the show & tell up to me... hehe


Cardigan ~ Hollister
White Tank Top ~ Aeropostale
Skirt ~ Hollister
Shoes ~ Ross
Necklace ~ Desiree's Closet
Earrings ~ Lia Sophia

pleated poppy